Among Us Vents – Learn About the Vent Locations

The pandemic hit the world hard, and many people have been ravaged by it. Many people lost their jobs and were forced to stay inside their houses to avoid catching the virus. Thankfully, you can do many things while being stuck inside the house, such as playing video games. And one of these games that quickly blew up is Among Us. Many YouTubers and Twitch streamers started playing this game of deception. That’s how it quickly gained attention among video game enthusiasts.

Among Us is all about catching the impostor killing the crew of an airship. To understand better, there are two types of people in the game, the crewmates, and the impostors. If you’re part of the Crew, then you must finish your tasks and catch the impostor. But if you’re one of the impostors, your job is to pretend to be a crew yet sabotage the ship, kill the Crewmates, and deceive them during the meetings. It offers tons of challenges, such as the Among Us vent! As the Impostor, you must know how to use the vent in Among Us.

There are multiple maps in the game, and each of these maps has its own vent where the impostor can enter to prevent detection from the crew. The vents are useful to make a quick and easy kill without getting caught.

Among Us Vents


The Maps & The Vent Locations

As mentioned before, Among Us currently has four different maps that you and your friends can play. These are the Polus, The Skeld, MIRA HQ, and the latest addition, which is the Airship. To be able to beat the crew and prevent getting caught, learning about each map’s vent location is important. Check out the guide below.


Polus is a large map bigger than The Skeld. However, it’s not that big compared to other maps. If you’re an impostor, you can quickly go from one point to the next without wasting time traversing. There are two three-entry setup points in Polus. You can find the first one between Storage, Office, and the outer part of Communications. The other entry can take you between O2, Electrical, and right outside Electrical.

On the other hand, there are two different paths on the map. The first is a single route between the top of the map, above Electrical, and a vent on the opposite side just next to the Laboratory. The final venting path links four points between Laboratory, outside the Laboratory, inside Admin, and outside Admin. It’s the longest venting path in Among Us.


The Skeld

The Skeld is one of the original maps in Among Us, and it’s also one of the most commonly played because it’s easy to memorize. In this map, you will find seven vents on the left side of the map. The most frequently used are Electrical, Security, and Med Bay vents. These have three entrances and lead to three different locations. The other set of vents connects the Reactor to Lower Engine and Upper Engine.

On the right side of the map, there’s another three-point venting system between Cafeteria, Admin, and the large hallway on the right side. On the other hand, there are two other venting paths: one connects Weapons and Navigation while the other path links Navigation and Shields.

Among Us vent locations



MIRA HQ is one of the most detailed maps in Among Us. If you see the map and find every venting location, you’ll have difficulty memorizing each of them. That’s because each vent will lead you to a completely different room on the map. So, it can be a sore point for impostors if they don’t memorize it. Or it can be one of their strong points if they want to practice their stealth skills.

Even though MIRA HQ has the fewest rooms, it makes traversing more complex because of its challenging path routes. Plus, almost every room on the map has vents, but you need to be careful before a Crewmate sees you.

vent in among us

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The Airship

The latest map in Among Us is called The Airship, and it’s currently the largest map in the game. It comes with a few unique features and ideas, which you won’t find at Polus, MIRA HQ, and The Skeld. But despite these new components, venting still works the same in The Airship. Of course, there are a few changes and updates you need to know about.

For one, there are four vent setups in The Airship, and they have three entry points. However, the vent setup on the left side of the map has a twist. The vents in the Cockpit connect to the Viewing Deck on the bottom of the map and the Vault on the top. At the same time, the vents between the Viewing Deck and Vault don’t connect. But players must pass through the Cockpit if they want to use the circuit.

Venting paths connect the two sides of the Gap Room to the Main Hall. But the vent set up on the bottom part of the map links the Kitchen, Engine Room, and lower section of the Main Hall. Finally, the last group of vents allows players to sneak between Cargo Bay, Showers, and Lounge.

The Bottomline

Knowing the various vent locations in Among Us will give a huge advantage to Impostors. For crewmates, knowing these vents too and where they lead can help you catch the Impostors easily and quickly!