Is There an Among Us Mode in PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile has been in a series of odd events lately since they collaborated with the Resident Evil 2 remake. However, this time around, many players have been talking about something quite… suspicious.

If you aren’t following, we’re referring to a possible Among Us event. It happened last January when the Chinese server had its own version of the hit suspense game. Read more below to find out all about the Amogus bonanzus rumor.

Skeletons in the Closet

Let’s bring up some context: the Chinese PUBG Mobile version hosted a new type of event similar to Among Us called, “Who is the Ghost” back in January 2021. Sounds suspicious, right? Well, that’s because it was never an official collaboration event. Rather, it is a rip-off from Gmod’s Trouble in Terrorist Town. So yes, he said the collaboration rumor was just brought up from screenshots from a YouTuber named LuckyMan, the one who recorded the whole spectacle.

Trivia: The name of PUBGM in China is called Game for Peace.


Among Us Mode in PUBG

Source: LuckyMan YouTube Channel via Sportskeeda


Among Us Mode in PUBG 2nd Screenshot

Source: LuckyMan YouTube Channel via Sportskeeda


Based on the gathered screenshots, you play in either of the two teams: Special Forces and Ghost. The Special Forces are the team that performs certain tasks around the map, while the Ghost is the team that kills the rest of the members. And, if any of the special forces find a dead ally, they hold a meeting to try and find out who’s suspect amongst them. We don’t know why the Special Ops would have to stop their search and hold a meeting but hey, this is an F2P nonsense game, not ARMA III.

So, what does this mean, then? Will a new event show up on the global servers? Will players ever get to experience a new kind of suspense-murder coop like Among Us?

No Confirmation from Tencent

As of this writing, Tencent has never addressed this game mode nor have they ever teased anything about it. All we do know so far is that it’s only available on the Chinese servers. And die-hard PUBG fans know that Chinese servers always get special treatment with plenty of events that only happen there. If you are quite curious about it, the Ghost Game event is still currently happening. However, it is still quite uncertain if it is going to be a mainstay in the Chinese PUBGM or a long limited-time event.

But, will Tencent ever talk about it? It doesn’t seem like it, nor is there any huge traction regarding LuckyMan’s gameplay anyway. You’d have more luck finding better information in 4chan.

Why the Among Us Collaboration is Unlikely

Personally, an Among Us collaboration event would have been already hyped. Since the footage was released last January 10, there could have been a large gossip around the community regarding this game mode. Also, PUBGM always puts up teasers in their game modes just weeks before its release. So far, none of the players have even experienced this. If there was, it would be a different event.

Furthermore, they always announce first-hand on their official Twitter account about upcoming announcements. This one just means there is no official collaboration at all, especially since based on the video, it’s not even an official Among Us mode.

Could the developers of Among Us, InnerSloth, LLC, take action against the leaked gameplay from PUBG China? Even if they would, that would just be ridiculous.

Now that we’ve boiled down the rumors about the Among Us-PUBG collaboration, the question remains—will there be a possibility that this rumored collaboration will happen soon? That’s for us to find out soon. In the meantime, get your free Among Us for PC download on this page today! You can check out our playing guide for tips on how to play it on PC.