Among Us: All About Playing the Game


What Makes Among Us Better on PC?

Much like any game, Among Us plays better for several reasons: easier controls, better chatting and more responsive gameplay. In an intense suspense game like this match, you will want to do actions quicker – from completing puzzles to talking with the crew.
This may be an unofficial PC version but we guarantee you that it plays better than on handheld. It works properly as the pocket-sized version – and even opts out the usage of a 3rd party client such as Steam. Best of all, this version is free to download and play.

How Did It Get So Famous?

Thanks to the accessibility of the app store version, it only started from a few handfuls of people until word came out through the internet and peers. Thus, Among Us is now one of the most highly active gaming communities – rivalling Fall Guys, League of Legends and Fortnite.
It also stems from its unique gameplay. While it may not be the first type of game to play impostor, it did branch out to a more mainstream crowd of gamers. Thus, Among Us became the most played free to play games of August 2020.