Among Us Game Features

Among Us became one of the biggest breakout games of 2020 and among the most played multiplayer games ever. While it may have been released in 2018, it did garner the biggest player count in 2020 with over 5 million concurrent players on a daily basis. Thanks to its simplistic design, free marketing from live streamers and an overall rich and mysterious tone, Among Us became the most talked about semi-horror online game ever.

If this is your first time in Among Us and you would like to know some key basics, allow us to help you out with it. After all, there are some portions in the game which do need some explaining because the game never tells you what to do anyway. We will first talk about the Tasks and then onto the maps, then to its locations and why it is important.


In Among Us, there are two “teams” within the crew: the normal crew and the impostors. The crew must go throughout the map and finish the tasks as dictated on the upper left corner of the screen. These tasks are done on each end of the map. Every task also has a different mini-game that you need to successfully complete to finish the task. These include fixing the cables, activating the admin rights using a card, charting a course for the ship to land and activating shields among the rest of other tasks.

Among Us Tasks

However, doing these tasks also put you in a very vulnerable state for impostors to murder you since you have no idea about their positions because the screen focuses on the tasks that you are completing.

If you die in the game, there is still hope. You can complete tasks in a ghost state so you can help out your crewmates. Completing all tasks will result in a win for the Crew team. Yet, even if you want to complete the objectives, the Impostor can also sabotage the tasks. These include re-cutting the wires, activating a poisonous gas within the facilities and pretty much canceling any progress in computers.


Currently, Among Us has over 3 maps (with confirmation of new ones in the future). These include The Skeld, Polus and MIRA HQ. Originally, Among Us only had The Skeld until they made 2 more before they released the free to play handheld version.

Among Us Maps

For this page we will focus more on The Skeld. To this day, The Skeld remains as the most popular choice because it is the most “balanced” map according to players. The Skeld is a parody of the ship layout in Ridley Scott’s Alien. It comprises various sections with different purposes. These sections or rooms include at least one task for the Crew to finish. For the Impostors, most of these rooms include a vent so they can fast travel from one end of a room to another in a flash, allowing for quick escapes and speedy executions that nobody can suspect.

Some pockets of the maps are considered the safest for the Crew like Upper Engine, Cafeteria and Weapons while others are kill zones such as the infamous Electrical, Storage and Navigation rooms. Don’t forget to bring a buddy with you to these areas.

MIRA HQ & Polus

MIRA HQ is the second released map while Polus is the third and latest. Both of these maps are fun but they are not as played as The Skeld due to some exploitative areas and unfair advantages of the Crew especially in MIRA HQ. These are also significantly smaller maps which allows for quicker task completions.


Locations found on every map is very crucial. One, it’s all about map knowledge especially if you’ve played enough hours into the game. Two, you need to familiarize yourself with which of the locations are prone to Impostor murders and safe zones.

Among Us Locations

Again, let’s take The Skeld as a prime example. Half of the locations on the map are quite safe (given that you’re full as a crew) like Cafeteria, Upper Engine, Weapons and the corridor that links Reactor, Security, Upper Engine and Lower Engine. Meanwhile, there are certain dead spots (literally) in some locations. Among Us players are familiar with Electrical, Storage, Lower Engine, Communications, Admin and Navigation as death wish places for the crew.

We can’t completely say the same for Polus and MIRA HQ since these are much smaller maps with very little advantages and disadvantages for every location. We’re referring to both the Crew and the Impostors.

Knowing the Basics Through Experience

But, of course, the best way to fully understand the essentials of Among Us is to play the game. You can now play the game for free by just clicking the download link here.