Among Us Game Features: The Different Maps Available Online

Among Us are a fun and very popular action game where you get to play either as one of the Crewmates or as one of the Impostors. As part of the Crewmate, the goal is completing all the tasks to win the game or successfully identify and eject the Impostor/s. As the Impostor, the goal is killing all the Crewmates without them finding out.

The game offers three different maps to play the game in, The Skeld, Mira HQ, and Polus. Each map will have a unique layout and location. In this article, we’ll dig deeper into each available map, as well as what kind of punishment would await you, should you be unlucky and get ejected.

The Skeld Map

Skeld is the most popular map in the game and the default choice of many players. This map is a spaceship, and you can see it from the map’s layout. The most important room you need to know about this map is the Admin room and the Security room. The Admin room will allow you to learn all the players’ locations, which is valuable for both Impostor and Crewmate.




For the Impostor, you will see where Crewmates are located and strategize how you plan to kill them. As the Crewmate, you can see which players are in each room and can have a general idea of who the Impostor is if there is a dead body reported. The other room is the Security room, which is a unique room for this map and Polus.

This room will allow you to look at certain locations in The Skeld. Since this map is a spaceship, ejected players are sent into outer space. The Cafeteria is where the Emergency Meeting Button is located.

Mira HQ Map

The other map that you can use in the Among Us game is Mira HQ. It is a high-rise building, which is evident from the game’s background as you will see clouds. The Skeld, it also has an Admin room where you can see where players are located on the map. Unlike the two other maps, Mira HQ doesn’t have a unique room.

But it does have a unique feature, which is the Door log. You can find it in the Communications room, and it will show when certain players pass by the sensors. There are three sensors, and they are located along the 3-way junction north of the Cafeteria. Any player who walks across the sensor line will register on the Door log. It’s a great way to have an idea where players went or where they are headed.

Ejected players on this map are thrown out of the high-rise building, so they’re sent falling to their death. Similar to The Skeld, this map also has a Cafeteria. It is also where the Emergency Meeting button is located and where players hold their meetings and discussions.

Polus Map

The last map that you can use in Among Us is Polus. This map is a large station that’s located on a cold planet. Unlike the other maps, this map will have outdoor areas to travel on the ground covered in snow. Like the other two maps, this map also has an Admin room where you can see other players’ locations.

There is also a Security room here, but the screen is not split, so you can only see 1 location at a time. Polus also has a unique feature, which is the Vitals. This feature will allow you to see which players are still alive on the map. Moreover, it is helpful, considering how big the Polus map is, so it will take some time before other players can see a dead body. This feature is located in the room beside the Office.




Players who are ejected in this map are thrown in a lava pit. Unlike the other two maps, Polus doesn’t have a Cafeteria. Instead, the Emergency Meeting button and the meeting itself are in the Office.