How To Play Among Us: Thrilling & Exciting Game Features




Ready to get stuck in space? Okay, then you should read the instructions carefully. All you need to do is download the installer, complete the setup, and you’re good to go.


Installing the Game

Installing the game will require a few minutes. First off, click the download button on this page to get the installer. This will take a few minutes to finish. When done, click on it to start installing. This will install two applications: the official play store client and the Among Us game for PC. When both are installed, Among Us should run automatically. That means the game successfully installed on your PC. You can now easily play the game on your desktop every time you double click its icon.


Setting Up the Controls

You may choose to add a d-pad and shortcut keys on the screen to make it easier for you to play the game. You can start the game much like the pocket version: scroll controls or touch controls. That means you can either play it as a top-down adventure/mystery game or turn it into a point-and-click thriller.

While it does have premade controls ready for you, you can choose to edit the layout. To do so, press the F1 key. This will bring up the control settings. You will find a Pen icon on the lower right. Click on it, and you will open the Edit mode.

In Edit mode, you get to add or customize keys on the screen. There are three button modes to choose: Swipe, default buttons and d-pad. For a game like Among Us, you only need a D-Pad and two custom buttons for the Report and Use buttons.

Chatting will have a fixed keyboard for you to type in.





Playing the Game

With the new controls, gameplay should be easier and more responsive to you now. You can now move your characters with the WSAD keys and interact with the environment with the new keys assigned to Use/Kill and Report. Of course, you will still need to use your mouse to do the puzzles.


Hosting or Joining a Game

There should be no problem with entering any game. Even if you are playing on the PC version, you will still get matchmade with mobile players and Steam players. Setting up a game is also doable with a mouse. Don’t worry; the developers won’t ban you from using the PC version unless you use suspicious hacks.