Among Us: Top 5 Mods to Try Out in 2021

Among Us is a good game on its own. However, just like any highly experienced PC gamer would know, a game can only get better with mods. Fortunately, Among Us is one of those that allows you to play with mods. Here are the top best mods for Among Us PC that you may want to try out with your friends.

1. Dead by Daylight Mod

If there is one of the games that redefined horror multiplayer, it’s Dead by Daylight. This 1v4 game is still one of the most played games on Steam and is a massive hit in the streamer community. It was, to some extent, one of the inspirations for Among Us.

So, if you ever wanted a Dead by Daylight experience on Among Us, this is the perfect mod. The rules are different from the original: one player will be the impostor and 4 to 5 players will be the survivors. Everyone already knows who the impostor is, but they will have to stay away from the killer and complete the tasks while he is not looking or is away. Moreover, kill cooldown is very fast here with Frenzy activated.

The crew and the killer can talk to each other, giving a more tense experience than the default game. It ends when either the killer murders everybody or if the crew can make it out with completed tasks.


Among Us Zombie Mod


2. Zombie Mod

If there is one game mode lacking in Among Us, it’s zombies. The version of zombies here is much like in Halo, where a player gets automatically tagged as a zombie if the infected player touches him. Therefore, the survivors must avoid the infected players and have to complete the task.

It’s a very short and brief mod, actually. It’s more like a mini-game than an entire game mode. But, we do wish survivors or zombies can use the vent to add more tension though.

3. Among Us Hide & Seek Mod

Even without downloading this mod, this is still doable on a regular server. You play with a maximum of 10 players, with 1 of you being the impostor or the “it” crew. The only thing that an impostor can sabotage is the comms. Anything else is a disqualification. As soon as the game begins, the impostor will tell everyone that he’s the tagged person.

Everyone must hide as the impostor will count 10 to 20 seconds. In this time frame, the crew must scramble across the map with three to five finished tasks only. Once the impostor stops counting, the crewmates must avoid the impostor at all costs. Furthermore, they need to complete the rest of the tasks as long as the impostor is not there.

The catch? No emergency meetings and no body reports. It’s every man for himself.


Among Us In-Game Voice Chat Mod


4. In-Game Voice Chat Mod

Remember when we talked about how better the game would be if it had its in-game proximity chat? Yeah, well, a modder named Ottomated managed to create a Proximity Chat mod, where you can talk with other crewmates within a specific range. Not only is this a much-needed mod, but it’s a more convenient tool than using Discord or any voice chat app.

It refreshes the experience and even adds some role-playing elements into it, making the game look like a full-on horror/suspense thriller flick. The distant or near voices can help impostors trick other members and crewmates can take advantage of this too.

5. Small Talk Variant Mod

Finally, there is this one helpful chat tool, especially if you hate playing with randoms who are very chatty in meetings. This limits only up to three words per chat and has a cooldown whenever you send a message. Furthermore, it’s a great balancing tool that will either help you a lot to see who is sus or a mod that may confuse you more. Either way, it’s a mandatory mod at this point, especially if you are playing with foreign players who like to annoy the rest of the English speakers.

Are These Among Us Mods Legal?

Yes, all five game mods do not require third party programs, making them perfectly legal to use. Most of them can be done even without completely overhauling the game files like Hide and Seek and Dead by Daylight.

Want to experience playing these mods? Make sure to download and play Among Us on PC today. You can also check out our playing guide if you want to know how the game works or read more details on the newest Airship map, which will be available soon.