Among Us: New Updates on Airship Map & Game Bug

Among Us currently reigns as one of the most played multiplayer games as of 2020 and 2021. Now, the devs have a new ace up their sleeve: the Airship map. It is the highly anticipated new map that players have been demanding since its unstoppable rise in popularity back in September 2020. Moreover, it was teased in The Game Awards 2020, and it seems like it is going to be the biggest map yet. Players who are now tired of The Skeld will surely have a suspensefully good time on the upcoming map.

Confirmed Date?

Right now, InnerSloth LLC, the developers behind Among Us, never really told anybody when the new map will come. All that we know is that it is going to be the largest map in the game and could add in more players than just 10 in a lobby. While it is going to be a huge map, there’s nothing game-changing in it—at least not until InnerSloth LLC is going to break out with some new gameplay.

The only thing they can confirm is that it will arrive within the first quarter of 2021.

More Impostors in Among Us

If the rumors are true that there will be more players on this map, then this might be a possibility of more than three impostors in the game. Will there be four or six in total this time around? We will find out soon enough. This is reasonable since the Airship will have more vents and more rooms for impostors to take advantage of.


Among Us New Map

Screenshot from Official IGN YouTube Channel


The Layout

The Airship will have a total of 20 rooms. Some are big while some are small. That also means the overall game time for this map will be much longer, allowing for a more competitive experience than how it was in The Skeld. Although don’t expect the game to be a sort of esports game anytime soon because come on, a game like this does not need to be highly competitive.

We can’t tell for sure which rooms are safer than the others. However, we can already tell that certain spots like the Viewing Deck, Armory, Communications, Cockpit, Security, Electrical, and Medical are certainly killing spots.

While it is not yet acknowledged, the map may look somewhat hard for crewmates. The new rooms have plenty of corners that Impostors can take advantage of like the Armory, Electrical, Main Hall, and Lounge. Who knows? Maybe the field of vision per player this time will be larger than the three previous maps.

Upcoming Cosmetics

Expect Among Us to have new sets of cosmetic sweets like new hats, new companions, and new skins. After all, this is where the game mostly makes additional money on top of buying the base game (if you are on PC) or for disabling ads.

The developers have not released any preview of the latest skins. However, we know it will be there once the Airship map finally arrives on everyone’s copy. For certain, there will be a set of free to use skins while others are going to require you to buy with real money.

Among Us Bug – An Early Treat for Fans?

According to an article from Comicbook, some players have reported getting access to the unreleased map through their Nintendo Switch account. Thanks to the game’s bug, players get an early trip to the Airship map through the game’s “Local” option. Although it’s not yet complete, these players have already had an idea of the new map’s layout and a few tasks that Crewmates need to complete.

Innersloth hasn’t made any comment regarding the issue. But surely, this glitch has already caught the attention of the developers. Those who got the early “treat” are lucky!


Among Us Gameplay


Other Possible New Features

While these are not confirmed yet, we do have our personal list of possible additional features in the future.

The very first could PROBABLY be a competitive mode. Now, we know we said that the game is not made for a competition. But, there are quite several players that do take the game seriously. Thus, it is the very reason why there are several toxic communities out there right now. This is possible if the demand is high. But what would you even do with a rank in Among Us? Plus, it does not sound cool if you say, “Hey, I’m a Plat 2 Among Us player.” It’s like, “What if Trouble in Terrorist Town had its own esports,” right?

Another possible feature could be in-game voice chat. Now, we know that the players primarily use Discord for this game. But, what about the players that don’t even have an account or just playing on a handheld device? While this could be true sometime soon, there is going to be chaos in the meetings. But, then again, that is what the Among Us meetings always feel like anyway.

While we’re waiting for the new Airship map and other in-game features to be available soon, play Among Us on PC. You can also check out our ultimate playing guide if you want to get a few tips on how to play the game.