Among Us – Reasons Why The Skeld is the Best Map

The Skeld is an iconic map in Among Us and has always been the go-to playground for the players. For one, it is the most accessible map because of the default mission. And, for two, it is also expansive and abundant with various tasks. It may seem like the most generic map compared to the other two (MIRA HQ and Polus). Still, the level design and lesser exploits make it the fairest area compared to the two other maps. We are here to dig out the reasons for why players consider The Skeld as the best map.


Among US Skeld Map


The Layout

Initially, The Skeld was the first and only map in Among Us when it came out on Steam back in 2018. The game gets its inspiration on most of the sci-fi horror films. Especially on Ridley Scott’s Alien where the survivors were inside a ship with various sections that were so secluded, nobody from the far side would notice a Xenomorph already mauling down a crewmate.

Back to the topic, The Skeld has 14 sections: Reactor, Upper Engine, Cafeteria, Weapons, Reactor, Security, MedBay, 02, Navigation, Lower Engine, Electrical, Storage, Communication, Admin, and Shields. Each area has its unique mini-game tasks that crewmates must finish before the Impostor kills them all.

The greatest part about the map is how equally separated the sections are. Yet, some of them are large rooms, while others are claustrophobically small. Arguably, there are some areas where people say it is the safest. In contrast, others are deemed as kill zones (looking at you, Navigation and Electrical). Going through each area is at your own risk because you either go with someone who you think is a crewmate or be fast in finishing the task before the Impostor can travel through the vents to find you.

Overall, it has a good feeling that represents the tension and suspense of Among Us: the grim atmosphere, the dark corridors, the cafeteria with a round table, it’s just perfect. The tasks are also a good mix of challenging and easy at the same time, although many would agree that the card swiping in the game is just plain bull.

Why The Other Maps Don’t Do Much in Among Us

We’re not saying the other maps are terrible, no. They’re quite right too in their ways although there are some cheap pull-offs that you can do. The level designs are also smaller while some tasks are more comfortable to finish, making it a bit unfair for the Impostor, especially in Polus where the Impostor has limited hiding areas and vents to exploit.

MIRA HQ and Polus are best for a smaller player count of at least 4 to 6 players because if it were overcrowded to the maximum number of players, the Impostor would have little to no vantage points. Oddly enough, these two other maps may be quite enjoyable. Still, they seem a bit “off” in the thriller – suspense vibe of having to watch your back while the Impostor is hunting down everybody one by one.

The Flexibility of The Skeld

The Skeld is just like League of Legends’ Summoner’s Rift; it may seem repetitive to play on one map, but the possibilities of various gameplays and situations are endless. That is how so many people still do not get tired of The Skeld – because of the unlimited situational moments that may turn from chill to “oh sh*t” really fast.

The many areas found in The Skeld are always a do or die situation. Will you go to the Electrical area with a buddy to fix the wires? What if that buddy isn’t a friend? What if the Impostor was waiting by the vents so they could snap a crewmate’s neck while they were too busy fixing stuff? There are a lot of suspenseful moments in the game!

The Skeld nails it correctly with the right distance between players, challenge per task and the dark map atmosphere. It may seem like a large map that is a bit too large for 4 to 6 players. But it is quite a fiesta when there’s a full ten players in the lobby. If you haven’t got any idea how to play Among Us then looking through some guides here! Download and play among us for free now on your PC and discover who the impostor is!