Among Us: To Host the Game or To Join the Game?

Among Us Game Requirement

Thanks to the number of players daily, matchmaking in the game is fast in a matter of a few seconds or minutes. Among Us has two options for you to connect to other players: Hosting and joining Each presents its pros and cons depending on how you want to play the game. Let’s break down the two and see which is better for you.

Hosting a Game


It’s been a while since we saw the option to let you host a game in multiplayer matches. Yes, you can create your servers, rules and number of players to your liking. Want to make everyone run fast? You can do so. How about giving a longer distance for a killer to commit murder? Yes, you can tweak that. Or, how about lowering the countdown timer during votes to heighten the pressure? Yup, you can also create that option.

Not only does hosting a game distances you from having to wait long queues, but it also grants you that power over the game. After all, you are the Game Master here, and the rest are just players – pretty much like a tabletop game. You may also choose any of the three maps. Additionally, you can make the server privatized for your friends or make it public for other strangers to join in. Either way works fine.


You will need to wait a lot if you are planning to create a match with ten random players. For some reason, players do not want to join a server with only 1 or 2 people in matchmaking. If you are also expecting decent players to join your English server, think again. After all, since the game caters to the masses, expect a lot of non-English players to join you nonetheless. Fortunately, you can kick them out if you think they are annoying you and everyone else’s game.

Joining a Game


This is the fastest way to connect to a game. You do not need to worry about anything else except if the server is full or if the rules are too whacked out. You can also choose which server you want to join in. We recommend English but don’t expect everyone to follow this rule. It is also the quickest way to understand the game.


Getting inside an almost full server is challenging since many are finding a room as much as you do. The best way is to play on a private server with friends. Also, playing the game solo is not as fun as playing with friends. Some strangers are toxic, while others are just straight…weird.