Game Awards 2020 – Among Us Wins Best Mobile Game & Best Multiplayer


Among Us Impostor Gameplay


One of the most anticipated awards for game developers, publishers, and players this year is the Game Awards 2020. It was held last December 10, 2020, and awarded some of the best and most popular games available today. One of the biggest winners of the Game Awards is the game Among Us online, developed and published by Innersloth. This matter is because this particular game won 2 awards during the ceremony, The Best Mobile Game award and the Best Multiplayer Award.

It’s an impressive feat, especially if you consider who the game went against. Among Us truly piqued the interest of masses instantly and it blew all the famous games in the early year of 2020. It’s also worth noting that Among Us is not a new game, as it was released in 2018. But global events in 2020 became the perfect storm for the game, making it widely popular and one of the most influential games of the year, which likely contributed to winning two awards. Let’s discuss the awards more in this article.


Among Us Won Best Mobile Game of 2020

Probably the main award that Among Us has won during the Game Awards 2020 is the Best Mobile Game award. It’s the award that is given to the best mobile game for the year 2020. Innersloth’s game won the award against great games like Genshin Impact, Call of Duty Mobile, Pokemon Café Mix, and Legends of Runeterra.

Among Us became widely popular in the first quarter of 2020. It happened when most of the people around the world were experiencing lockdowns because of Covid-19. Though the circumstances were shown in the game to many people, the actual gameplay of Among Us is what made it popular. The game is also a source of a lot of funny and entertaining content, making it a very influential game, and why it’s deserving of the award.


Among Us Impostor Killing


Among Us Won Best Multiplayer Game

The second award that Among Us took home during the Game Awards, 2020 is the Best Multiplayer Game. The game was able to best out amazing games such as Animal Crossings: New Horizon, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Valorant. Though these are all great games to play, they didn’t have the impact that Among Us provided. What makes this a great multiplayer game is because players get to discuss either by chat or through mic and speakers on who they think is the Impostor or who is the suspicious player.

Among Us’ Emergency Meeting and Discussions is one of the most entertaining parts of the game, considering this is where players get to try and decipher who is the likely suspect. This part is also where Impostors would try their best to lie and deceive other players so they won’t get suspected. Besides, this gameplay has been a great source of content for many streamers, YouTubers, gamers, and content creators.

The game even influenced advertisers and marketers when it comes to creating ads or content for their marketing campaigns. Among Us has just influenced and reached millions of people worldwide, even those who are not gamers, which makes them one of the best games this year. But aside from Among Us, which other game titles won in the Game Awards 2020? Let’s find out.

Game Awards 2020 Results

The biggest winner of the Game Awards 2020 would have to go to The Last of Us II. Eventually, it took home seven awards that night. It won the Game of the Year, Best Game Direction, Best Action / Adventure Game, Best Performance (Laura Bailey Abby), Best Narrative, Best Audio Design, and Innovation in Accessibility. This point shows that The Last of Us II gets known as the best game that came out of 2020. Below are more results of the Game Awards 2020.


Other Winners than Among Us


    • Best Score and Music – Final Fantasy VII: Remake
    • Best Family – Animal Crossing: New Horizons
    • Best Debut Game: Phasmophobia
    • Best Ongoing Game: No Man’s Sky
    • Best Sports / Racing Game – Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2
    • Best VR/AR Game – Half Life: Alyx
    • Best Action Game – Hades
    • Best Art Direction – Ghost of Tsushima
    • Games for Impact – Tell Me Why
    • The Winner for Role Playing Game – Final Fantasy VII: Remake
    • Best Sim/Strategy Game – Microsoft Flight Simulator
    • Ultimate Fighting Game – Mortal Kombat 11
    • Best Indie Game – Hades

Final Thoughts

The year 2020 has been challenging, particularly because of Covid-19. But that didn’t stop game developers and publishers from releasing awesome and great games for people to play and enjoy. And it’s not just the games that won the awards that you should be focusing on; you should also check out the other nominees as they’re too good games for you to play. It’s just that the ones that won like Among Us, The Last of Us 2, and many more, are only slightly better.