What Made Among Us Game Popular?

Among Us Task to Complete

Throughout August 2020, so many people couldn’t stop talking about Among Us. How does a simple 2D mobile game become a phenomenal hit among the masses? Was it an original concept? Did the gameplay welcome players both casual and hardcore? Let’s check out how the game got into the mainstream spotlight today.

A Co-op Game That Many Have Never Played Before

From a gamer’s perspective, Among Us never really was an original game. It borrows the same concept as the Gmod party games, The Division’s Dark Zone, and Project Winter. Thanks to its streamlined gameplay and simplified controls, Among Us became approachable to a broader crowd of players. Among Us is nothing else but a party game with some twists. It takes inspiration from board games like Clue along with other mystery books and movies such as Murder on the Orient Express.

With a refreshing take to cooperation and rivalry, Among Us garnered millions of players within just a week after its launch. Thanks to word of mouth, the game’s presence spread like wildfire, making it the most trending party game of August 2020 alongside Fall Guys.

Fun & Fright

The best bit in Among Us comes in the thrill of the game. You start from 4 to 10 players without knowing who among them is the killer, aka the impostor. The killer is randomly picked by the game and can be from 1 to 3 suspects.

The innocent teammates must complete the objectives on the screen. The impostor must assassinate each of them as mysteriously as possible. If an innocent player finds a dead body, he must report this to call a meeting to see who should be cast out of the group. Did the orange guy do it? Maybe the pink guy? How about the silent red guy with a flower on his head? That is what the meeting is for. Will you vote off the right person or will the impostor live another minute to kill more?

You can find out the impostor/s if a witness saw a murder occur or if they spot them from the cameras.

A Game of Trust & Betrayal

If you tag along with friends, you and the gang will experience a game where bluffing and honesty blend together. One of you might be smuggling as the wrong guy gets the blame. Maybe one is pretending to be like the team leader only to be the imposter in the end.