Among Us: 5 Features That Fans Like To Add in the Game

Among Us is one of the most popular multiplayer action-mystery that you can play right now. And it’s popularity has caught everybody, Including its developer InnerSloth, by surprise. This is something the developers never expected, especially since they released the game in 2018. They didn’t think it would take off because it didn’t when it first came out. So when it did, it was unexpected, which also made them drastically change their plans.

Originally, InnerSloth was working on creating Among Us 2, as a sequel to the original game. But with the popularity of the game increasing, the developers are now more focused on bringing new content to Among Us. The game is scheduled to get a huge update early this year, bringing in a new map, as well as new features, with one of them being highly requested. This is a great step in the right direction, but there are still many things that the game lacks.

This means that InnerSloth will be pushing out more new features and content to make it even more enjoyable for everyone. But what kind of features does the game still need? Let’s discuss 5 features that we want to see in Among Us in this article.

The 5 New Features We Want to See in Among Us

Many players, streamers, and YouTubers are always suggesting or requesting something new to Among Us. Though InnerSloth is already working on many of them, there are still some things that they’ve yet to mention but would look great. In this section, we’ll discuss the 5 features that would likely make the game even better.

1. Private Chat With Impostors

This is a feature that wasn’t requested by a YouTuber or Streamer, but by players who commented on a video. This would be a great feature to have, as it would add another layer of strategizing to the game.

Currently, Impostors don’t have a way to talk among themselves within the game. They just act or adjust based on what the other Impostors are doing. But if InnerSloth provided a private chat where Impostors can talk, it would allow them to strategize what they would do.


Among Us screenshot

Image Source: Skip the Tutorial


Just think about it, Impostors discussing how they would go about killing Crewmates. They can also discuss strategies to counter plans that were discussed during the Emergency Meeting. They can even use the private chat to warn other Impostors if it’s okay to come out on the vent or perform a kill.

2. Having the Option for a Proximity Chat

Another great feature would be for players to be able to chat with each other in the game. Currently, players are only able to chat during Emergency Meetings. But if you can talk to players who are near you, that would be awesome. Imagine greeting people you come across would, or trash-talking a Crewmate before proceeding to kill him/her.

This could increase the game’s competitive level. It also adds another layer of communicating with other players, and won’t have to always rely on the Emergency Meeting to talk to each other. Players can discuss strategies any time or even talk about who they think is suspicious before they get to voting.

3. Impostors Being Able To Set Traps

It would also be good if Impostors can set traps on certain tasks instead of just sabotaging certain rooms. This adds a new level of excitement and challenge into the game. Impostors can set traps that would sabotage the room instead of allowing the Crewmate to complete their task. This would require Crewmates to be more vigilant when completing their tasks.

If Crewmates actually work together and just complete their tasks, the game is going to be impossible for the Impostors to win. So, adding a way to set traps provides Impostors with other methods of ruining the Crewmates’ chances of winning easily.

4. Punishing Players Who Disconnect Just After The Game Starts

This happens often, especially when people don’t get the Impostor role. This is very annoying, especially if you happen to play on a server with a low number of players. To discourage this kind of behavior, there should be a punishment. An example of punishment would be decreasing their chances of being an Impostor in their next game. The developers could even go further and not allow them to become an Impostor unless they complete 3 games as Crewmates first.

This would discourage players from just quitting if they don’t get the Impostor role since they won’t be able to get it on another server. They would have to play the game completely first to even have a chance to be an Impostor in their next games.


Among Us ghost


5. Ghosts Being Able to Do More Like Harass Impostors

The last feature we want to see would be ghosts being able to do more than just complete tasks or fix sabotage. If the player happens to complete all tasks before being killed, there’s nothing else for them to do in the game. This is why many just quit after getting killed. But if InnerSloth would provide more things for ghosts to do, they would likely stick around to finish the game. They can harass Impostors, make the room dark when they’re inside it, and so on. It would be a great feature to see and makes Among Us more fun to play.