Among Us: A Larger Adventure Awaits The Crew

Among Us was one of the most surprising and fun games that took off in 2020. It was unexpected because the game was launched in 2018 and it didn’t have the same popularity it has now. So, the game just suddenly took off this year and there are many factors that contributed to it. Since the game wasn’t popular to players out of the gates, its developer, InnerSloth, didn’t have many plans for it.

They just provide occasional updates to make sure any bugs or issues would be addressed and the game is playable. But once it took off and became very popular, all their plans for Among Us changed as well. This means updates would be more frequent and there will be new content coming to the game. Many of the content they were thinking about for Among Us 2 would be included in the first game.

But what new content is already confirmed to come to the game? When will InnerSloth release them? Let’s discuss the exciting new features that await the crew in this article.

The Airship Map Will Come To Among Us

One of the new contents that will come to Among Us this year is the new map. It’s called The Airship. InnerSloth teased the map last December 2020 during the Game Awards, where Among Us won two awards. This will increase the map selection you can use in the game to four. Players won’t have to rely on Mira HQ, The Skeld, and Polus anymore. The developer also said that The Airship will be the largest map in the game.

Among Us Big Airship

It is based on the Aircraft used in the Infiltrating the Airship game. As the biggest game map, it will have 9 rooms for players to explore. The new map will also come with new tasks, and shortcuts players can use as they explore The Airship. One example of a new task is trying to yank out a garbage bag out of the trash bin.

For the new features, the map will include ladders and floating platforms for players to use. This makes this new map more elaborate than the previous ones in Among Us. Unfortunately, InnerSloth has yet to provide updates on the exact date on when the Airship will become available in the game. They did say during its teaser reveal that it will be available in early 2021. So, you can expect it to come out in February or March, at the latest.

An In-Game Account System for Among Us

Aside from a new map, the developers will release an in-game account system for Among Us. This will be a major update since the game didn’t have a way for players to create an in-game account. The in-game account system will make it easier for players to report other Among Us toxic players and cheaters. But that’s not even the most important aspect of having an in-game account system.

With this new system in place, it will be easier for InnerSloth to soon introduce adding friends to the game. This is the most requested feature that players would love to get and the developers know that. But they don’t want to rush the feature. So the devs will proceed one step at a time so they can deliver a good feature. As for when the in-game account system will become available in the game, there’s also no timetable yet.

Among Us Account System

But the developer said that it will be one of the first updates that they will release for 2021. So, it’s likely going to come in February.

Among Us New Skins & Animations Revealed

The last confirmed new content that InnerSloth will bring to Among Us are new skins and animations. The new skins and hats will be Henry Stickmin-themed. This means that you will be seeing many of the things you enjoyed when you’re playing the Henry Stickmin game. This would include a cyborg skin and a top hat with a handlebar mustache, which InnerSloth already revealed.

Aside from new skins, players can also expect new kill animations to come to the game. If you’re unaware, Crewmates usually see a kill animation when an Impostor kills them. So the developers are adding several new animations for players to enjoy. One example of a new animation would be a laser blast that would pulverize the Crewmate.

InnerSloth didn’t specify, though, if the kill animation would require players to wear certain skins or hats in the game. As to when it will become available, the developers only said real soon. Regardless, these new skins and kill animations would make playing Among Us more fun and exciting for the players. It’s the perfect time to play Among Us on PC, so you wouldn’t miss out on the new content. Get it for free on PC!