Among Us: The Game’s Road Map For The Year 2021

Among Us is a fun multiplayer title that showcases minimalistic graphics but compelling gameplay. You’ll enter a certain area with nine other players, and your job is to find the impostor or kill off your crewmates. It’s a simple mechanic but it’s the same gameplay that made it popular in the year 2020.

Last December 10, during the Game Awards, InnerSloth revealed a new map that’s coming to the game, The Airship. Though no date was given on when the map will become available, it is slated to release in early 2021. The new map will also come with new features and tasks for players to enjoy. Aside from a new map, the game also became available in Nintendo Switch, as well as Xbox Gamepass PC.

InnerSloth is also working on releasing an Xbox console version of the game this year. Among Us was also launched in other gaming platforms. But what else can we expect from 2021? Well, InnerSloth is also working on an account system, as well as a roadmap for what to expect for 2021. Let’s discuss this further here.

The New Account System for Among Us

One of the most requested features for Among Us is the friend system. It’s a feature most multiplayer games have. People have been clamoring for the developers to make it possible to add friends in the game. Having friends and seeing them online makes it more fun to play instead of joining random rooms with strangers.

Among Us New System

And it seems InnerSloth has been listening, as they are rapidly working on releasing an account system for the game. Once this is released, players will be able to register for an account with Among Us, similar to other online titles. Though the developers mentioned that the account system will likely be used more for reporting toxic or bad players. But they did acknowledge the clamor for a friend system, saved stats, and more.

Once released, it will be the first major step to making the award-winning indie title better. As for when this account system is available, InnerSloth has yet to provide a timetable. They did say they wanted it to launch earlier, but they’ll focus more on improving other game aspects. They wanted to make sure the system is fully functional and free from major issues before they release it.

Expectations From Among US in 2021

Aside from the new account system, InnerSloth will also launch a roadmap for 2021. The roadmap will contain the new updates that the developers are targeting for this year. They wanted to be transparent with their players, so they’re making their launches and updates known to everyone. The roadmap will also be properly organized so fans can get a clearer timetable.

It is important to note that the roadmap won’t contain any dates yet. The developers did set a target date but will keep it secret. Once they’re certain they can deliver on a date, they will update the road map and put it in.

Among Us New Updates

Reasons Why It’s Taking Too Long To Update

InnerSloth also provided an explanation on why they are rather slow in providing updates or new content to the game. They said that the game became very popular in late 2020 and it’s really something that they weren’t expecting. Remember, it launched in 2018 and it didn’t really take off when it came out. Even in 2019, Among Us wasn’t a popular game.

Not many people know about it and likely only a few people were playing. So the developers weren’t really focusing or working on the game since not many people were playing it. The sudden popularity surprised them, which is why they had to refocus their efforts in working on Among Us. They spent a few months just to restructure, figure out new processes, and think of ways to improve the game.

Originally, there were only three friends working so they had to get external partners to help them manage everything. Hiring new people quickly is also not a solution to hasten everything. InnerSloth said that hiring employees could slow down the process, and may put them out of business if they couldn’t finance them properly. But they did assure everyone that they are working very hard in providing more features and content.

Final Thoughts on The Road Map

The year 2020 was a great year for Among Us and its developers. It was an unexpected but welcome boom for both the fans and players. So wait for the 2021 road map as the devs are excited to give back to the fans. In the meantime, you can try playing Among Us on PC. You can also spice things up by trying out some fan-made mods to make your matches exciting. Playing this award-winning title can get you hooked for hours non-stop!