Among Us – What The All Vent Mod Does & How It Changes The Gameplay

One of the most surprisingly popular games that came out of nowhere in 2020 is Among Us. This action multiplayer game wasn’t expected to take off like it did, considering It was released in 2018. Now that it’s on many people’s radar, the game continues to be popular in 2021.

One of the main reasons for its popularity is its unique gameplay. Players get to play the role of either Crewmate or Impostor. The Impostor role is especially popular since this role requires players to sabotage tasks and kill all crewmates.


Among Us All Vent Mod

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To properly do this, Impostors can use vents to easily go to other areas on the map and sneak behind Crewmates. But did you know that the game now has a mod or hack that will allow all players to use the vent? That’s right, even Crewmates can now vent, leveling the playing field in the game. But how can you play this mod in Among Us? Are there any challenges that will arise when you use this mod? Let’s discuss all these things in this article.

All Vent Mod: How It Changes The Gameplay

As the name of the mod suggests, it’s a mod where both Impostors and Crewmates can use the vent in the game. Originally, it’s only the Impostors who can use the vent, while Crewmates can just watch or be wary of them. But with this mod, everyone can now use the vent, allowing all players to travel to different locations on the map quickly.

Aside from letting all players use the vent, this mod will also place vents in almost every room. This means that players can now go to every room much faster because of these vents. Players don’t have to run around halls or pass by other rooms just to get to a certain room. Crewmates will now be able to quickly finish their tasks since it’s now easier to travel from room to room.

The Problem When You Play the All Vent Mod

While it’s great that every player can use the vent, there’s a downside to this feature. The problem is, Crewmates cannot anymore use venting as a way to identify Impostors in the game. Most of the time, Crewmates usually identify Impostors by either catching them killing another Crewmate, or seeing the Impostor use the vent.

But since this mod would allow all players to use the vent, then venting is not going to be a valid way to identify Impostors. Crewmates will now have to use other ways to identify or catch who among them is the Impostor.

Having Crewmates use the vent can also be challenging for Impostors since they no longer have the element of surprise advantage. Crewmates can easily escape or suddenly appear as they’re about to kill a player. This means they have to be more creative and sneaky when it comes to killing Crewmates.


Among Us All Vent mod gameplay

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How Do You Play The All Vent Mod in Among Us?

There are many versions of this mod that you can try. But the user that’s credited the most for this is King. Unfortunately, this mod is not available for public download. The only way you can try playing this mod is by contacting the creator directly and ask for it personally.

If many players are asking for copies of the version, the creator might soon make the mod available publicly for download. But aside from asking the creator of the mod, you can also join servers that are already using the mod. This will allow you to play the All Vent mod without downloading it yourself.

Is It Safe to Use Mods in Among Us?

It is important to remember that these mods or hacks are not an official part of the game. They’re just add-ons created by other users. It is not illegal for you to download and use them, as you are just the user. The illegal activity would fall on the creator of the mod or hack.

However, most of the mods that you can download and use are safe to use. Of course, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any risks involved. There’s still the risk of possible spyware or virus that is attached to the mod.

Usually, these risky mods don’t come from the original mod creator. It’s usually from other people who downloaded the mod and tampered or attached it with malicious scripts before re-releasing the mod themselves. So if you want to use mods in Among Us, make sure you get them from the original creator to avoid the risk of downloading malware into your device.